‘Lively Eaters’ is a private allied health practice which assists children and their families who are experiencing feeding and eating difficulties from birth through the early school years. We have family focused clinics in both Adelaide (SA) and Rockhampton (QLD) however work with children Australia wide as well as International families.

Underlying our practice is the philosophy that feeding an infant/child is one of a parent’s most important jobs and a central component of the parent-infant/child relationship. Feeding/eating is so much more than ‘putting food in the mouth, chewing and swallowing’ and there are many physical, medical and emotional aspects to consider.

Infants/Children are highly sensitive to their environment and the development of a successful “feeding partnership” can be adversely affected by many different factors in the infant and/or parents. The Lively Eaters team provides multi-disciplinary team assessment and therapy services for a wide range of infant/children’s feeding difficulties. We strive to bring together all of the components which we know to impact children’s eating – relational, emotional, sensory, motor, behavioural and medical – and work together with families to better understand the impact of these within their family unit and how to move ‘forward’.

Do any of the following apply within your family? If so, Lively Eaters would be happy to assist whether you live locally, interstate or internationally:

  • Babies who are having difficulty attaching for breast feeding
  • Babies (term or premature) with poorly coordinated sucking abilities
  • Infants failing to thrive (poor weight gain)
  • Babies and infants coughing and ‘choking’ on milk feeds (breast or bottle)
  • Children gagging on lumps
  • Children vomiting on food
  • Infants refusing any foods with lumps or those that require
    chewing (ie. only tolerating smooth puree).
  • Toddlers experiencing weight loss due to inefficient feeding
  • Behavioural challenges related to food and eating
  • Weaning difficulties
  • Fussy and picky eaters
  • Children with oral sensory defensiveness and oral aversions
  • Transitioning from tube feeds to oral feeds (tube weaning)
  • Babies and children with medical, physical or neurological conditions affecting their feeding (eg. Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, specific genetic conditions)

Feeding Assessment
Feeding assessments are carried out in the Lively Eaters clinic at Evandale (adjacent St Peters). Initial assessments last up to 90 minutes and include comprehensive evaluation.
Lively Eaters
Feeding Programs
For children who require an intensive multi-disciplinary therapy program or those who require medical monitoring whilst feeding issues are addressed (such as weaning from naso-gastric/PEG tube feeds to oral eating).
Lively Eaters
Special Care Nursery
Emily Lively is a recognised Speech Pathology provider at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital, Burnside War Memorial Hospital and within the ACHA group (Ashford, Memorial and Flinders Private Hospitals) and provides assessment and support to babies in the nurseries who are not progressing with oral feeds.
Lively Eaters

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Family's Journeys

"Before going to the Lively Eaters Program we wanted to know, can you successfully wean a two year old off 100% PEG feeds with Chronic Kidney Disease, swallowing aversion, dairy allergy, constant daily vomiting, 5 surgeries and nearly 6 months of his life in hospital? The answer is yes!!
An excellent service. We are very grateful for the teams' instruction and support this week. We felt very supported and leave feeling confident about the way forward. If you have other families who are unsure about whether or not this will help, I'd be happy to talk to them about our positive experience.

Elizabeth, Corin and Harriet

Thank goodness we found you! This has been one of the biggest and significant milestones we have achieved over our two year premmie journey. For the first time we will walk out of hospital with a 'normal', oxygen free, tube free baby.
Amazing, amazing, amazing. You got my little darling's NG tube out and got him eating and drinking. Amazing. I can't thank you all enough.
A wonderful team doing such important work. Thankyou for helping our family in our toughest time. Much appreciated.

Rachel, Trevor and Alexandra, WA

Thank-you for your warmth and sincere care of Amelia. Dave and I will be forever indebted. Don't know how we would have managed otherwise.

Jenny, Dave & Amelia, QLD

We really appreciated the 'personal' touch. Everyone was lovely and so pleasant to deal with. Emily made the process so easy too - she had a real interest in our daughter and gave us the confidence/belief that she was ready.
Emily - you have created something that literally changes lives. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. Your program is clearly well planned and developed and meticulously carried out. Your devotion to your profession is evident from the moment contact is made - the same goes for your team.
Kate, Brad & William, QLD
"I have really appreciated everthing you have done for us as a family and the support and kindness you have shown us. Keep up the brilliant work"

Kelly & Joshua
Kelly & Joshua
" A massive thank you to you, Ros and the team for the week at Calvary and all the service and assistance before and after. You were the first person in a line of people who we were confident understood, had compassion, and had some effective strategies.......
Jo, Derek & Ethan
I wish you all the best with it & I thank you once again for your outstanding intervention and help with Simon’s feeding issues.
Names changed for confidentiality
I'll say this over email as I'll cry if I say it to your face! Thank you so much, you have changed our lives for ever. Thank you for your courage in offering what I believe to be a inivative and ground braking program. Jake needed this push to eat, he was ready but needed a therapist to believe in him enough and you did.
Nikki, Derek & Jake
Thankyou very much for all your help during our feeding process. You have gone over and above our expectations by far. You and your team have changed our lives and we are extremely grateful.
Belinda, Phil and Maddison