Feeding Assessment and Therapy

Feeding assessments are carried out in the Lively Eaters clinics at Evandale (adjacent St Peters, Adelaide), Park Avenue (Rockhampton) or via Skype.  Initial assessments last up to 90 minutes and include comprehensive evaluation and assessment of:

  • The child’s feeding, medical and developmental history
  • Current challenges/difficulties related to feeding and feeding behaviours
  • The child’s feeding and/or eating skills (motor and sensory)
  • The child’s response to new strategies/techniques/feeding equipment

Recommendations are provided in writing on the day of the assessment so that home follow up can occur immediately.


Therapy sessions and ongoing follow up is negotiated with the family at the time of the initial assessment and re-evaluated as progress is made. Therapy sessions are carried out at the Lively Eaters clinic rooms at Evandale and Park Avenue.  Home/child care visits may be negotiated as deemed appropriate.  The frequency and number of sessions will depend on the severity of the child’s eating/feeding difficulty, their response to strategies and techniques and the amount of home follow up.

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