Food School – Group therapy

Lively Eaters is excited to offer Food School based on the SOS principles of feeding therapy.  This group runs throughout the school term for a series of 8 weeks.  Groups are run for different ages and different cognitive levels.  The 90 minute session includes a full sensory and motor ‘wake up’ session for the children (run by one of our OTs) whilst the parents are involved in their learning targets and goals for home practice.  The children then participate in 60 minutes of Food School where they learn the new rules of mealtimes, learn how to explore foods safely and successfully and have a great deal of fun as our imaginations run wild!

We also offer Friday afternoon Cooking Club for our older children.  This hands-on cooking session is run by experienced Speech Pathologists and/or OT’s to help your older child (6-10 year olds) break down some of their barriers to ‘fresh’ ingredients.

Please speak with your child’s therapist at your appointment to determine whether these programs may be suitable for your child.

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