Feeding assessments

Feeding assessments are carried out in the Lively Eaters clinics at Evandale (adjacent St Peters, Adelaide) or via Skype.  Initial assessments last up to 90 minutes and include comprehensive evaluation and assessment of:

  • Your child’s feeding, medical and developmental history
  • Current challenges/difficulties related to feeding and feeding behaviours
  • Your child’s current feeding, mealtime and/or eating skills (oral motor, motor and sensory)
  • Your child’s response to new or non-preferred foods
  • Your child’s response to strategies/techniques/feeding equipment
  • How your family interacts around food and mealtimes

Recommendations are provided on the day of the assessment, followed by a full written report, so that home follow up can occur.

Therapists will also be able to carry out a clinical assessment of babies/children who are at risk of aspiration and refer to appropriate medical services if deemed necessary.

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